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By Ben Harris

ISBN: 9780240811345

Format: Paperback

Publication Date: January 05, 2009


Overview was originaly designed to be a supplment to this book, but has since grown into much more. If you find yourself wanting to cover more basic issues and aspects of recording, order Home Studio Setup in order to learn those fundamentals in a basic and conversational text.


Key Features

* Provides information on how to make the right decisions when buying and installing equipment, learn how to set up a quality studio
* Covers recording technique, learn how to make high quality mixes of your own
* Covers acoustics and studio design, understand acoustics without going down the road of becoming a professional acoustician.


"Because of remarkable technologies, most musicians can now record their music in the home (or non studio) environment. Unfortunately, even though the technology is there for us, making a good recording requires knowledge in a variety of audio subjects. Ben Harris has compiled an excellent primer in these subjects. This book will provide it's readers with a full range of the fundamental knowledge needed to get professional level recordings. Read this book first - it will save you a lot of time, agony, and money."

-Tom Barbour, Songwriter


"Finally, a book I can recommend to my students when they have questions about their home studios! This is a long overdue resource that is going to make a difference!"

-Sam McGuire, University of Colorado Denver and author of Audio Sampling.



Whether you have a ton of equipment or just the basic gear this book offers an "all you need to know" to setting up, running and getting great sound from a project studio. In three parts, Ben Harris walks you through Acoustics, Equipment and Recording Technique. From the basics of acoustic treatment to techniques to solve problems specific to your room and from offering explanations and information of equipment to how to record and create a great mix, Home Studio Setup will have you up and running in no time, recording and producing great music in your very own studio.


Ben Harris spends a portion of his time doing tech support for project and professional recording studios. Practical experience coupled with a youthful connection to the beginning recording engineer and project studio, makes Ben an author who is in touch with his audience. He is an instructor of recording and music production at Bethune-Cookman University in Daytona Beach, Florida, certified Pro Tools instructor, and recording engineer/producer.


Literature - There are hundreds of books and countless magazines dedicated to recording and music production. How do you weed through all of the options to find what will help you out. Consult this section to find out what is best for you.


Tech Support - Help in troubleshooting the inevitable studio problems.
Mixing Services - Check out different online resources for mixing.
Mastering Services - Find a good place to master your album.
Certification Classes - Many DAWs have certification courses.
Online Instruction - Find the best place for instructional videos.
Equipment Retailers - Who is the best retailer to satisfy your gear lust?
Manufacturers - Who are the companies who make all that great gear?
Education - Want more of a formal audio education? Options.
Literature - What are the best books and magazines?

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