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This is a really sticky debate filled with misconceptions, lies, and biased opinions. Macintosh computers and their proprietary operating system are direct competitors to the open hardware market utilizing Microsoft’s windows operating system. This competition formed when PC hardware and the Microsoft operating system became open source. This meant that any manufacturer could build hardware devices, software programs, or computer parts to use with the Microsoft operating system. This introduced competition driving down the price while also bringing incompatibilities, low quality products, and viruses. At the same time Macintosh decided to continue building their own hardware and operating system in order to maintain high quality, security, and compatibility. Consequently computers running windows became less expensive with more incompatibilities and more options, while Macintosh computers were more expensive being very compatible, with fewer options. The division continued as more word processing, spreadsheet, and business-based programs were developed for the windows operating system; and music, multimedia, and artistic programs were developed for the Mac. Macintosh had a small loyal following willing to pay higher prices for a stable, reliable, and high-powered system. Windows provided for everyone else including the majority of the business, world, and home users. In recent years this division has become blurred as all types of programs have been developed for both platforms. When Macintosh adopted the use of Intel processors in 2006 the division blurred even further. The Intel processors forced Macintosh to redesign their operating system and hardware making it possible to run windows on a Mac.


Mac vs. PC Common Misconceptions


The Truth

Macs are more expensive than PCs

First Apple only sells top-of-the-line processors and equipment in their current computers, while you can buy a brand new PC with pretty wimpy hardware. Second, there are many comparison charts (see the website) that show how in order to get equivalent hardware and software to a new Mac you have to pay the same price for a PC (even if you build it yourself).

PCs don’t work for recording music

PCs are used to make music all over the world, especially in home studios. It is true that in professional recording facilities, less than 10% use PCs for recording, but they are using them and they are working.

Macs are not as upgradeable as PCs

This is true only in the mind of computer nerds, but for the average person Macs and PCs are equally easy to upgrade. The major hardware components that average people upgrade on their computers such as RAM, hard drives, optical drives, and video cards are identical to upgrade on Mac and PCs.

Freeware and shareware is only available on PC

There is an ever increasing amount of freeware and shareware programs available for Mac, but there are still more programs available for PC


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