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Analog Outboard - Analog audio processors that are not connected to a console or audio interface. The majority of these units are built to fit in a standard sized 19 inch rack with some being half rack units and others sitting on the table top. There is even the popular 500 series first created by API that accomodates 10 vertical units in a 3 space chasis.


Microphone Preamps-The low level output of a microphone connects to this device to ampified to a useable line level signal. Almost anytime that you see an XLR conncection (or a microphone input) there is a microphone preamp in the circuit. The quality of these units varies greatly from inexpensive preamps built into small mixers and audio interfaces to stand alone units costing thousands of dollars.
            API 512c Microphone Preamp
            Avedis MA5 Microphone Preamp
            LaChapell 583s Microphone Preamp
            Shadow Hills MonoGama Microphone Preamp

Equalizers-An equalizer allows the user to adjust the gain (or volume) of different frequencies of an audio signal (i.e. turning up the bass while turning down the treble). These devices are included in most mixing consoles but are also available in stand alone units.

Dynamics-Processors used to control or manipulate the dynamics (amplitude or volume) of a signal. The most common is a compressor, but there are also limiters, gates, and expanders. These devices are found as a patchable processor in high-end consoles, but in most other circumstances are outboard 19 inch rack units or Virtual Processor Plug-Ins.

Channel Strips-Most high-end console have a high quality microphone preamp, an equalizer, and sometimes even dynamics processors. As smaller studios emerged engineers wished for the quality of one or two of these channels without the size and pricetag of 48 or more channel console. Channel Strips are what eventually solved this problem. These rackmount units have a microphone preamp, an equalizer, and sometimes dynamics processors (maybe compression, de-essing, or limiting) all contained in the one unit.
            Universal Audio LA610 MKII

500 Series - Preamps, Equalizers, and Compressors
            API 512c Microphone Preamp
            API 525 Compressor
            API 550A 3-Band Equalizer
            API 550B 4-Band Equalizer
            API 560 Graphic Equalizer
            Avedis MA5 Microphone Preamp
            LaChapell 583s Microphone Preamp
            Shadow Hills MonoGama Microphone Preamp


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